The Conjuring House

The conjuring House is a Paranormal Horror Experience, the game takes place in an abandoned house and yet not .. Unoccupied, so the player should face a series of paranormal and unexplainable events, and confront the evil that haunts the house.

Scary, creepy, worrying are the words that define the game, immersion and oppressive ambience are the pillars on which the fear established by "The Conjuring House" is based, inspired by the big hits of the cinema to provide the most terrifying paranormal experience.

Gameplay, lighting, sound effects and paranormal effects have been designed to offer complete immersion and the feeling of being constantly in danger, everything with high-definition graphics.

The Conjuring House is more than a game; it's an experience to live...


- A True Survival Horror Experience: You are not a hero, if you want to survive, your only chance is to run... and hide
- Immersive Graphics and special effects : AAA-quality graphics that puts you directly in the atmosphere of abandoned houses.
- Unpredictable Enemies: Players cannot know when or where the evil will appear, and cannot anticipate the events that will breed